Emergency Relief Fund

85% Funded
  • $16,901.00 Donated
  • $20,000.00 Goal
  • 109 Impact Donors

About the Campaign

With the sudden disruption of life at Southeast Missouri State University and in communities around the world, our students are facing uncertain times that come with new challenges. In addition to transitioning to online learning, students and families are facing unexpected costs. For some, not only is this new challenge overwhelming, it may mean falling short in completing their education – or simply meeting everyday needs.

You can help. To address urgent needs, the University has established a new emergency fund focused on providing COVID-19 relief to Southeast students. The emergency fund provides aid to ensure that financial hardship does not cause a disruption in any student’s ability to pursue their education. This fund will grant emergency aid to students experiencing financial hardship that may keep them from remaining enrolled, from paying their bills or rent to buying groceries, purchase equipment for students as face-to-face classes are replaced by online courses, and serve additional, unforeseen priorities as they arise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Southeast Missouri State University is making real-time, difficult decisions in response to COVID-19, while also keeping the wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff at the forefront. Learn about changes to campus life here.